Tim Dillon and guest Ron Bennington

Tim Dillon is Going to Hell

Tim Dillon performed a few sets at Moontower (and even hosted his own Thursday evening showcase renamed ‘Tim Dillon & Friends’ when the Lucas Brothers couldn’t make the fest) but he made his 2019 premiere at his own live taping of his podcast Tim Dillon is Going to Hell. The taping was also the fest’s first Thursday event and the venue Speakeasy’s kick off for the weekend as well.

As one can glean from the name alone, Dillon dabbles in touchy subjects many would find offensive. He often has a guest on with him to partake in his discussions. Ron Bennington, who hosts his own radio shows, joined Dillon for the live podcast and Dillon did not hesitate delving in to Bennington’s early days as a radio DJ in Florida before he became sober.

The episode is only available to subscribers of the GaS Digital Network, but you can find free recent episodes on the Apple Podcast app.

Rich Vos, their “marriage counselor” Sean Patton, and Bonnie McFarlane

My Wife Hates Me

Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane are two married New York comedians that were featured at the festival and also have their own podcast together called My Wife Hates Me, which they often tape together in the comfort of their own apartment. As one can imagine, it features their hilarious back-and-forth (as married couples do,) and during their live episodes they have a marriage counselor to mediate whatever their squabble of the day is. This session’s counselor was Sean Patton, another comedian from the festival, who helped them comb through their recent problem — Vos recently purchased plane tickets for Bonnie under the incorrect surname causing some calamity at the airport on the way to the festival.

You can listen to their recap of the festival dated May 9 on their Riotcast site.